Super Simple Bunny Cupcakes

Super Simple Bunny Cupcakes

We don’t know what’s better- how cute these bunny cupcakes are, or how easy they are to make! All the ingredients are available in your local grocery store, and it’s a snap to put them together.

Want to show up your aunt Edna but only have ten minutes to spare? Ask the bakery for plain frosted white cupcakes, grab the decor from aisle 4, and throw ’em together in the parking lot. Not like we’ve done that (cough cough), but you could if you needed to.

World’s Simplest Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes


  • cupcakes
  • frosting canned or homemade
  • miniature chocolate chips
  • pink sprinkles for nose
  • sanding sugar
  • skinny sprinkles or spaghetti for whiskers
  • marshmallows


  • Pipe on round mound of frosting on each cupcake with a large round tip and a pastry bag, or just use a spoon. Wilton’s cupcake decorating kit has large tips perfect for this!
  • Place two miniature chocolate chips for eyes.
  • Place one pink sprinkle or miniature jelly bean for the nose.
  • Make whiskers using the long skinny sprinkles in the color of your choice. If you don’t have sprinkles, broken spaghetti works too!
  • Cut marshmallow in half at an angle. Dip the cut sides in sanding sugar and place on top of the cupcake to make the rabbit’s ears.


Cupcake wrappers just add that little something extra, don’t they? They work with whatever paper you have laying around: scrapbook, construction paper, or even plain paper the kids can decorate.
We used a Cricut machine to make these scalloped border cupcake wrappers, but you can very easily cut one yourself with scissors.
If you need a template, we’ve got you covered. The Boop’s cupcake wrapper template has a plain outline (for tracing on your own paper), and a patterned one you can print on any white paper. We got your back!

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