How to Volunteer With Sea Turtles

How to Volunteer With Sea Turtles

There’s something magical about encountering a huge sea turtle gracefully soaring through the water. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to meet one in person, you’ve surely seen the videos: Hatchlings scrambling towards the ocean, fins flopping in the sand, as volunteers keep the way clear from interference. There’s nothing else like them.

When we needed to pick an official launch date for the Boop, I started looking at the calendar and realized May 23 is World Turtle* Day. Sold!

So yes, we really do love turtles* and we’re proud to launch the Boop with a week celebrating this majestic creature. And while we’re into fun stuff like cookies and t-shirts, we’re also committed to doing our part to keep the Earth healthy so our children can also enjoy these marvelous animals.

*and tortoise

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Turtle Trips of a Lifetime

Today we’re featuring some hands-on working trips. Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a pencil: wildlife conservationists need your help! Volunteering with sea turtles is an unforgettable way to contribute to conservation and learn more about ecosystem health. Here’s just a few places that you can go!


Loggerhead Marine Life Center: Located in Florida, you can participate in a turtle release (omg yes please), help with hatchling feedings (also omg yes), and learn about their populations of loggerheads, leatherbacks, and green turtles.


Nature Conservation Project Maui: Are you 18+, a decent swimmer, and willing to volunteer 20 days in Maui? NATUCATE allows people to assist wildlife biologist out in the field to protect the nesting areas of the green sea turtle and Hawksbill sea turtle. Aloha honu!

Costa Rica

La Tortuga Feliz: If you’ve got a passport and a sense of adventure, La Tortuga Feliz offers volunteers an experience in Costa Rica protecting leatherbacks and green sea turtles on the Caribbean shore.


Seychelles Marine Life Conservation Project: If you haven’t figured it out, we’re showing increasingly far-flung places to go to volunteer with turtles. How about Cousin Island out in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Make no mistake, they put you to work- but if this isn’t for you, you can visit as a tourist and support ecotourism!

No matter where you live or where you like to travel, there’s an opportunity to help celebrate turtles.

Can’t get enough of turtles? Check out the Boop’s Turtle Page for cookie recipes, crafts, fun facts, and more! And don’t miss our official launch giveaway!

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