Our Favorite Black Cat Gifts

Our Favorite Black Cat Gifts

When I was in veterinary school, I adopted my first kitty Apollo: a sleek black cat with inquisitive eyes who loved to play fetch. He loved the dogs, he loved laying on us, and he was overall just the best cat in the world. Who says these cats are supposed to be bad luck? Apollo was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

black cat with green eyes
It’s Toothless! My own Night Fury, Apollo

With Halloween around the corner black cats are back in the spotlight, but if you’re like me you’re a fan year-round. Need a gift for the night fury lover in your life? (Come on, doesn’t he look JUST LIKE Toothless?) Or maybe just something fun for yourself? Either way we’ve got you covered here at the Boop with our collection of the world’s cutest black cat stuff on the web.

Here’s a couple black cat facts you can throw out at parties to impress your friends:

  1. In Japan and Germany, black cats are considered lucky. Take that, American superstitions!
  2. There is no one black cat breed: In fact, 22 breeds have pure black coats! In addition, some black cats are actually dark, dark brown tabby cats.
  3. If you’re a true fan, make a pilgrimage to Nekobiyaka in Japan. This cat cafe is, you guessed it, black cats only! Me-wow!
  4. If you’re a sailor, bring a black cat aboard. They’re not only great mousers, they’re good luck.
  5. They have super-genes: The same genes responsible for the black fur may also be related to resistance to diseases suck as HIV.

Black cats: They go with everything. If you’re thinking of bringing one of these little bundles of amazingness home, there’s no time like the present! Look to your local shelter or check Petfinder for cats just waiting for you!

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