T Rex Gift Guide!

T Rex Gift Guide!

When I was growing up, I was obsessed with dinosaurs. And not just any dinosaur. Tyrannosaurs. I admired the Brontosaurus with its heft and long neck, and the Stegosaurus with its armored prehistoric Elizabethan collar (so punk rock) but let’s face it- I was there for the T Rex.

Ah, the terrifying and exhilarating Tyrant Lizard, King of the dinosaurs. It’s like all his power went to his jaws and his thighs, leaving nothing left for forearm development, ineffectual nubs waving helplessly as he nonetheless roared and chomped his way into every kid’s nightmares. And this was before Jurassic Park.

Now, well into adulthood with kids of my own, I can say confidently that my childhood love of Tyrannosaurs has not gone the way of the…well, you know. I adore them just as much as ever, so much so that on a family trip to an Oxford museum housing a full sized T. Rex skeleton, I stood underneath it, transfixed, for what seemed like hours. Just me and a bunch of ten year old kids going “whoa” at the massive teeth.

Maybe you’re looking for just the right gift for a Rex-obsessed kiddo’s birthday. Maybe you just want a little thunder lizard in your life (who doesn’t?). Maybe, like me, you’re looking for a Comic-Con costume and want to be a Jurassic Park employee (true story). We don’t judge here at the Boop. Here’s just a few of our very favorite Tyrannosaurus Boops:

What are you waiting for? Go out and let that inner palaeontologist roar! Got any other favorite T Rex must-haves? Let’s hear them!

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