DIY Flame-Free Luminaries

DIY Flame-Free Luminaries

We love luminaries! But we also worry about open flames around kids, pets and drunken family members. So, we came up with these awesome, super easy DIY, no-flame luminaries

These are Halloween versions but you can use these for New Year’s, Christmas, birthday parties, anytime parties and more.

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You will need:

Black permanent marker
White paper bags, like these.Flameless tea lights like these.

The amounts really just depend on where you are going to use them.

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Simply draw “ghost” faces on the bags. I did happy faces, sad, scary, goofy, etc. The kids will love coming up with face ideas! While my older daughter drew her own faces, I drew the outlines of the faces for the youngest to color in.

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Then, drop a flameless tealight into the bag and there you go! Each little tealight is battery operated and has an on/off switch so you don’t waste their battery life when you don’t need them. Plus, it’s another thing your kids will love helping with during set up and when you take them down at the end of the night.

Important note! If you have pets or kids who might get into the bags and think the flameless tea lights look kinda tasty or might be good hats, staple or tape the bags shut! The tealights could be a choking hazard so use caution you typically use with things of this size.

Easy DIY Halloween luminaries from
It told you. EASY. Ghoulishly easy.

Easy DIY Halloween luminaries from

Some other ideas…you can do these with translucent cups or plastic milk jugs instead of the paper bags. You can use them individually throughout the house, outside or, if your stairs are just inside the front door, up the stairway during Trick or Treat night for an eye-catching treat for your visitors. If you decide to use these for outdoor decorating, throw a few small rocks or some sand in the bottom of each bag to help weigh them down and keep them standing upright.

Oh, and we use the battery operated tealights in our carved pumpkins. They work great!

Have fun! If you do these, leave a comment below and tell me what you did that worked for you.

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