Dog Poop Disposal Ideas

Dog Poop Disposal Ideas

Dog poop is a way of life for dog owners. It’s probably not something you thought about as you brought home your new dog for the first time, leashed the hound and assembled the family for a walk around the neighborhood.

Yet within a block or two your dog decides to let nature take its course. As a responsible dog owner you quickly clean up with one of your newly purchased lavender scented biodegradable poop bags and continue on your way. But once you’ve arrived home, you’re faced with the question, “What do I do with the dog poop bag?”

Well, you dispose of it, right? But the real question is where? A quick look around your home will confirm that there really isn’t a good place to dispose of dog poop.

You obviously don’t want it mixed in with the kitchen trash so you move your target to the larger trashcans in the garage. But there you are still faced with walking past that smell factory every time you get in or out of your car or maneuver your kid’s bikes out of the corner.

Crap. Well, never fear. With a little innovative thinking and research you can contain the dog poop smell and not pass out every time you lift the garbage can lid. Here are a few ideas.

The Pet Genie

Hopefully a genie doesn’t live in this one.

For parents of small humans, you’ll recognize the Pet Genie concept right away. That’s because it’s just like the life-saving Diaper Genie product and is made by the same supersmart folks. As you dispose of each bag, it’s twirled into its own little casing- like a poop sausage- thus containing odors.

This product is designed for indoor use but it could also be placed outside in your garage.

Suncast Trash Hideaway

Suncast Trash Hideaway

For those looking for a container that can be kept outside, Suncast Trash Hideaway makes this 33-gallon model that is strong enough to handle the rigors of the outdoors, has a latching lid, and hides trash inside a nice looking receptacle. Consider placing it somewhere on your property that’s far away from your nose and the family’s activities.

This is what our family uses. We placed it on the side of the garage and throw our stinky dog poop bags in there so everything’s in one spot. The latching container keeps the smells contained and for good measure we use a scented trash bag as well. Once a week on trash day we pull out the trash bag, toss it in with the rest of the garbage and replace with a fresh trash bag. It works great! And, by the way, we also throw our cat litter bags in there too. All pet waste in one spot. Perfect!

PawPail Pet Waste Disposal System

Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when they catch a neighbor sneaking a stinky poop bag into their trash can? It’s a bad scene. The PawPail system ensures you never have to be that guy by making disposal at home super easy. It has a one handed lid system to grab a bag on your way out for your walk, and keeps the accumulated dirty bags tidy in a washable liner with a charcoal filter and separate from your other trash. On trash day, dump and go.

Doggie Dooley

doggie dooley

An in-ground dog waste system that’s been around for 45 years, it’s a septic system for dog waste! Those who love systems such as the Doggie Dooley really love them. The receptacle is placed in the ground in a hole you’ve dug. You can simply pop open the top with your foot and toss the poop inside. Special enzyme tablets break down the poop and It works like a miniature septic system, composting dog waste into a ground-absorbed liquid utilizing ordinary water and natural acting bacteria and enzymes.

In short, you don’t have to suffer with smelly dog poop bags fouling your house or garage. There are a variety of solutions to help manage the downside of dog ownership.

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